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Return & Refund Policy FAQ

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Why should you have a Return and Refund Policy?

The purpose of a Return and Refund Policy is to inform your customers or potential buyers what their rights are if they are unhappy with a product or service they bought from you.

A return policy serves to help customers find answers quickly before moving forward while also reinforcing the trustworthiness of your business.

What is a Return and Refund Policy?

A Return and Refund Policy is how you let your customers know whether they can return your product if they are not satisfied or receive a refund if necessary.

The following topics will be included in this policy:
-How many days do customers have to return a product?
-Who pays for return shipping?
-What is the expected turnaround time for issuing a refund?
-Method of refund

Do I need a Return and Refund Policy if I don't offer refunds?

Even if your return and refund policies are different, it’s important to let your customers know what they are.

 If you don’t want to offer refunds, make it clear in your Return and Refund Policy, so as to make it clear to customers and comply with some state law requirements.

What should my Return and Refund Policy say?

Your Return and Refund Policy should detail:
-What is your refund and return policy?
-What are the conditions for your refund or return policy?
-How long are items eligible for a refund or return?

Should I have a order cancellation policy?

To make your returns policy as clear as possible, you want to define your cancellation policy. This way your customers know what to expect when they want to cancel an order before it is shipped.

Should I place my Return and Refund Policy in the footer?

Display your Return and Refund Policy via a link in the footer of your website and on the checkout page right before someone submits an order. You’ll see this often linked with a Terms and Conditions Agreement and Privacy Policy, requesting customers to agree to each.

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