Return Portal

Provide a self-service online return experience that increases sales, reduces waste, and builds customer loyalty.

Returns Made Easy

Define your return policy and workflow, making returns easy for both you and your customers.

Branded Return Portal

Customize your branded return portal to match the rest of your website and provide a seamless returns process.

Self-Service Returns

Increase LTV by providing a convenient self-service return & exchange experience.

Our Merchants Have Reduced Their Refunds by Over 40%, Increasing Revenue and Profitability

Returns don’t have to always have to cost. We’ve found a way to make them profit.

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Embed a Branded Return Portal in Your Store

Unlike other platforms, ReturnGO allows you to embed the self-service return portal directly in your store.

No more redirecting customers to third-party solutions – keep them engaged and provide an experience that feels just like shopping.

Unmatched Policy Adaptability

Your return policy may be rich, but nothing is too complex for ReturnGO.

Match your self-service portal to any kind of policy, based on return windows, sale items, item categories, different vendors, locations, customer history, and even customer segmentation.

Smart Refund Alternatives

Our platform empowers you to maintain friendly policies, while offering data-driven alternatives that retain revenue and minimize refund rates.

Encourage customers to choose eco-friendly logistics options and reward them with instant credit and gift cards, ensuring they make the best decision for their returns.

Drive Sales with an Unforgettable Exchange Experience

Delight your customers with an exchange experience like they’ve never seen online before.

Using ReturnGO’s instant exchange bonus credit, you can incentivize customers to make an exchange instead of a return.

Better Understand Your Returns

With ReturnGO, you can organize, edit, and include follow-up questions for any return reason you want.

Use our reason builder to customize reasons to fit your needs and request visual evidence from customers through picture or video uploads as needed.

Measure the Impact of Your Business

Measure the true impact of your business and gain valuable analytics to drive informed decisions.

By measuring your data, you can optimize and generate revenue, minimize logistics costs, and achieve substantial CO2 savings.

Resolve Any Return Scenario with Ease

Our platform enables customers to effortlessly resolve any unique return scenario, ensuring an exceptional return experience without the need to contact customer support.

From gift returns to bundles and Buy X Get Y promotions, our comprehensive system covers it all, leaving no customer request unanswered.

Scaling Made Simple with Automation

Our high-end shipping tracking capabilities and advanced automation rules help large businesses automate RMA status updates and streamline the refund process.

Say goodbye to manual work and elevate customer satisfaction with ReturnGO’s state-of-the-art solutions.

Unleashing Our Data Advantage

With ReturnGO’s holistic solution, you can gain insights into your returns and understand the underlying reasons behind them.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions and take strategic actions to drive meaningful results for your business.

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Refund Automation

Refund your customers easily using a self-service return and refund portal.

Store Credit

Issue store credit customers can use for future purchases.

Ship Back Later

Provide a refund or exchange and have customers ship back the items later.

Keep the Item

Allow customers to keep the item to reduce waste and save logistics costs.

Donate the Item

Give customers the option of donating items instead of returning them.

Return to Store

Let customers return items in person instead of shipping them back.

BXGY (Buy X Get Y)

Configure custom return policy rules for Buy X Get Y bundles and discounts.

International Returns

Manage and track international returns according to your return policy.

Gift Returns

Offer gift recipients an easy gift return process.

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Pre-Paid Return Labels

Generate return shipping labels automatically or manually.

Refunds for Exchanged Items

Offer refunds or exchanges for previously exchanged items.

Drop-Off Locations

Give customers the option of bringing returned items to a drop-off location.

Multi-Label RMA

Handle multiple resolutions
in the same return request.

Item Validation

Validate and document the condition of returned items.

Powerful Automation

Automate your returns and exchanges based on tracking, statuses, and more.

Return Analytics

Track your returns data to identify trends and gain insights into your returns.

Seamless Integrations

Connect to supported shipping carriers and aggregators for streamlined return shipping.

Email Notifications

Keep your customers updated on their return status throughout the returns process.

Return Reasons

Track the reasons why customers return products.

Customized Return Policy

Create a return policy outlining the conditions for returning items.

Bonus Store Credit

Offer bonus store credit as an incentive for certain resolutions or return methods.

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