Convert your returns
to revenue with RETURNGO

The purpose of ReturnGO is to help retailers enhance customers' experience with returns while increasing bottom-line profit and revenue.

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Our mission

Our mission is to empower online stores to recover the losses that result from returns, offer their customers the best user experience and convert returns into revenue. Most importantly, we engage your customers through loyalty incentives and as well as fast and reliable user experience, allowing you to turn them into repeat customers and gain loyalty by providing a positive experience.

We understand E-Commerce

We understand the issues you face day to day in your e-store and the losses returns can cause to a business, and like you we know all too well the increasing strain of today’s return policies on merchants and customers alike.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen more and more companies try to resolve the cost of returns by improving the return experience, reducing conflict, optimizing logistics and more. Our solution takes a different approach. We choose the win-win approach: Both parties can earn from skipping that return, not to mention avoiding the enormous cost and environmental damage caused by shipping items back, assessing their quality after the return, restocking or most of the time, destroying them accordingly.

ReturnGO was founded with the purpose of helping both retailers and customers to solve return issues while keeping both parties satisfied. This way customers shop more and stores earn more.

Our core team

Aviad Raz

Co-founder & CEO

Aviad has years of e-commerce experience. Prior to founding ReturnGO, Aviad led various SAAS ventures and machine learning solutions.

Assi Abramovitz

Co-founder & CTO

Assi has years of experience leading innovative development teams to build highly intelligent products, in startups and enterprises, generating several patents along the way.

Tamar Segol

Marketing & Sales

Tamar has years of experience in digital marketing, including increasing brand awareness, and forming unique strategic plans to express company values.

Haim Bar-on


CEO of RFkeeper, with vast experience in leading sales and operations teams, improving the retail challenges, and building bridges between offline and online channels.

Sarah-Eden Dadoun

E-Commerce strategist

Sarah is an accomplished marketer and president of MTL & E-Commerce, which is the #1 E-Commerce Start-up & Innovation in Montreal.

Angela Stephenson


Angela has worked in luxury branded customer service management for over a decade. Her second passion is writing and the English language.

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