Enabling a Brighter Future for eCommerce

ReturnGO powers an open post-purchase system – for the benefit of customers, merchants, innovators, and the planet.

Our Mission: A Win-Win-Win for Post-Purchase

Returns & exchanges cost retailers billions of dollars a year – from lost revenue, additional shipping, staff costs, and dissatisfied customers. Failing to deal with returns efficiently is also a disaster for the environment, resulting in millions of tons of wasted packaging and avoidable CO2 emissions. At ReturnGO, we’re dedicated to transforming that model of post-purchase into a win-win situation.

Building the Future of eCommerce

Empowering Retailers

At ReturnGO, we enable merchants to continue offering flexible return policies while protecting their bottom line and the environment.

We do this by simplifying the process of managing post-purchase at every stage, and enabling merchants to monitor its impact on business health.

Simplifying Sustainable Returns

We believe the best way to make eCommerce sustainable is to work together. That’s why we’ve created an open post-purchase ecosystem, pooling the best resources out there for everyone’s benefit. Our holistic platform enables online merchants to benefit from the valuable solutions on offer from leading logistics partners and innovative refund solutions. We bring seamless integrations, data flow, and universal measurability across all parties.

ReturnGO’s platform offers merchants the freedom to run their eCommerce business on their terms – whether that’s crafting their own internal policies & workflow or bringing their own solutions. And we help third-party providers thrive, with access to thousands of online brands around the globe, creating a winning situation for everyone.

About ReturnGO

ReturnGO was founded in 2020, with headquarters in New Jersey, United States and an international team spread around the globe.

Our Guiding Principles

Be Together

We’re cheerleaders for the best-in-class providers out there. Because making eCommerce more sustainable is something we can achieve by joining our brains and talents.

Be Optimistic

We’re positive we can improve eCommerce for businesses and customers, without compromising the integrity of the planet. Our mission is to make that a reality.

Be Open

We’re open to big ideas. It’s what led us to create our “open” post-purchase platform, enabling endless opportunities for conscious and responsible consumerism.

Be Accountable

We can’t change what we can’t measure. That’s why we enable data visibility across the entire post-purchase ecosystem, so everyone can see the impact of reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

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Management Team
Aviad Raz
CEO & Co-Founder

Dan Berger

VP Sales

David Miles

Chief Operating Officer

Assi Abramovitz

CTO & Co-Founder

Zoe Sofer

Chief of Staff (COS)

Itai Ben-Naftali

Product Manager

Eyal Rosenthal


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