ReturnGO's return management platform encourages exchanges over refunds using AI.

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“ReturnGO makes returns a good thing - it’s completely changed our perspective.”

Fully branded and Customizable

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Integrated into your store

We integrate seamlessly between your customer return request and the process of making an alternative offer to the return. Our white label solution enables personal brand customization while we take care of the technology.

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Return reasons customized to you

With ReturnGO, you can choose return reasons based on your chosen industry, or even based on a particular product. Each return reason may have different user data flow which affects the Return Score algorithm.

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Return score education with minimal effort

During our friendly and quick process, we teach your customers about our return score technology, and how it will be beneficial to them with minimal effort.

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Precise, data-driven and real-time

Our technology uses machine learning to instantly navigate hundreds of parameters to find you and your customer the best return alternatives. We encourage customers to accept store-credit, which ultimately maximizes spending power in your online store.

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Instant spending power.
Customer is satisfied

We give your customers store-credit straight away so they may go and shop instantly in your store, instead of the hassle of a return process and waiting for a refund. This is proven to increase repurchase amounts and customer retention.

Why choose us


We integrate easily with your current e-commerce platform with no extra code needed.


30 day free trial with no credit card required. After your free trial, our reasonable rates are fashioned to save you money on every rescued return.

Your rules

We don’t interfere with your return policies to provide the best experience for you & your customers.

Trust your customers, and let us do the rest

Your best customers journey starts here with ReturnGO

ReturnGO’s return experience converts one-time buyers into valuable long-term customers. Our AI-driven "Save the Sale" ability is proven to persuade customers to exchange or receive credit instead of a refund and bring immediate value to both you and your customer. And importantly, you can maximize your long-term profits as our AI technology continuously understands your products and customers with ongoing automatic resolution optimization.

Benefits to you

Convert returns into revenue

Reduce your return rate & churn

Build customer loyalty

Gain insights through analytics


Full integration with your current
e-commerce platform

Bottom line profit increase

Reliable, dedicated service team

Conserve customer support

how it works

Actionable insights to grow your business

actionable insights
Actionable insights with explicit product recommendations to increase your ROI

Our best customers have the highest returns rates.

Craig Adkins

Zappos’ VP of Services and Operations

ReturnGO analytics goes beyond return products analytics and uniquely provides insights about the real long-term effects of returns on your bottom line

Optimized for profit

ReturnGO responds dynamically & adapts to each customer by predicting return rates & customer behavior. Moreover, ReturnGO offers a smooth user experience to your customers and enables your brand to increase its bottom line profit.

Avoid returns abuse

Our machine learning engine provides the incentive your customer needs to get an alternative to a refund. Not only deterring potential abuse of your return policy, it will also discourage misuse of our store credit alternative.


Our solution is tailored for you: Your store. Your industry. Your return policy. Our algorithms are based on data acquired specifically from your store, your particular industry, and the user’s behaviors. Before presenting an offer, our tools analyze hundreds of parameters and take them into account.


Our solutions aim to connect seamlessly with your E-Commerce platforms and logistics partners.
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