The Post-Purchase
Experience Your
Customers Deserve
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Supercharge your business growth and customer satisfaction with branded order tracking notifications. Minimize support costs, accelerate revenue growth, customer engagement and loyalty.
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Embed into Your Store to
Boost Sales

Embed the order tracking page in your online store, offering your customers customizable upselling opportunities to skyrocket your sales and revenue.

Seamless Integration with Your eCommerce Stack

Ensure a smooth post-purchase experience for your customers by integrating your current eCommerce platform and other solutions. With more than 1000 carriers supported, we’ve got you covered.

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Customer check order tracking portals on average 3.5 times through the shipping process
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Email and SMS notifications

Keep your customers up to date by sending email and SMS notifications at the right time throughout the shipping process. Significantly reduce WISMO inquiries and provide peace of mind.

Unmatched Flexibility

Discover unparalleled flexibility for a remarkable customer experience. Our online order tracking portal empowers customers to track multi-shipment orders and receive notifications at any stage, taking their post-purchase journey to extraordinary levels.

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See an amazing return on your order tracking
Support Ticket Reduction

Avg. reduction in WISMO calls
and tickets

Email Open Rate
Compared to
marketing emails

SMS Click-Through Rate

Compared to
marketing SMSes

Avg. revenue increase from customer LTV and marketing notifications
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Streamline Your Post-Purchase Process

Real-Time Tracking

Enable customers to track their orders with up-to-date information on their status, location, and estimated delivery times.

Centralized Order Management

Monitor multiple shipments from different carriers in a single location for effortless order management.

Automated Notifications

Send customized notifications to customers throughout the process, including order confirmation, shipment updates, and delivery notifications.

Branded Tracking Portal

Provide a branded tracking portal to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Seamless Integration

Drive traffic back to your website with an embedded tracking portal directly on your website, creating a seamless shopping experience.

Product Recommendations

Increase revenue by cross-selling products on your tracking portal page and in notifications.