Management API
Easily integrate any business tools you use with ReturnGO for easy, automated return processing using the ReturnGO Returns API.

Set Up Seamless Integrations With the ReturnGO API

Automate and manage your returns and exchanges more easily by integrating
essential business processes.

Consistency Across Systems

Easily access order information pulled from third-party systems and use it in your branded return portal and returns management dashboard.

Return Request Status Updates

View the automatically updated status of your return requests based on events such as pending approval, completed, and more.

Instant Return Processing

Streamline your returns process by automating return request processing. Easily approve and reject return requests using the ReturnGO API.

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Returns Processing API

Optimize your returns and maximize your profits by automating your return processing. Receive notifications about return events and updates.

Seamless Returns Management

Integrate your order and product data for hassle-free
returns and seamless product exchanges.
Custom integrations
Set up custom integrations using the flexible ReturnGO
API. Streamline your return management workflow by
integrating your favorite tools and solutions.

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