Give your customers the right offer to reform returns into repurchases.

Optimized store-credit alternatives can reduce return rates by up to 80%.

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ReturnScore technology works behind the scenes giving customers immediate spending power

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Choose return reason

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Answer a few simple questions

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Our AI solution drives customers to cancel their refund requests and prevents return abuse. Thus, you quickly increase your profits & lower churn rate. We use agile machine learning & our unique “Return Score” technology to make it happen.

Our solution

Today's standard

A great return policy is a standard customer expectation when shopping online. A variety of solutions already exist for optimizing the return process both technologically and logistically.

Our unique approach

ReturnGO aims to avoid standard returns which result in costly refunds. Customers will receive store-credits to resolve the return - ultimately improving your company's customer retention, average order value, and protecting your bottom line profits. Customers can still decide to return the item per your standard policy if the alternative does not suit them.

How it is done

When customers request to return an item, they will be required to provide a reason for the return and answer a few follow up questions. Based on their answers, and your data, we offer the customers store-credits for keeping the product, donating it, or sending the product back later (to name a few). If a customer would still like to return an item, they can then proceed to your standard returns process for a refund.

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Tiny change, BIG difference

Our technology works to resolve a return request first.
We personalize unique offers for each customer. If they decline, the requst can still be processed through your standard return policy

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