Master Your Warranty Claims Management

Give your customers confidence and offer them a longer warranty program window. Boost their loyalty and LTV through enhanced protection, demonstrating your commitment to their satisfaction.

Self-Service Warranty Portal
With ReturnGO, you have the flexibility to create a dedicated self-service portal for your warranty claims or utilize the same returns portal. By streamlining your warranty processes you can elevate your customers’ experience and boost their satisfaction.
Tailor your Warranty Eligibility
Match the portal to support your unique warranty requirements. Extend the warranty window, include follow-up questions for every warranty reason and even make uploading pictures or videos mandatory.
Easily Resolve Warranty Claims
Whether you prefer automation or manual handling, ReturnGO’s platform provides seamless support for your warranty claim process. Validate claims, issue refunds, credits or replacements with ease, all from a single dashboard.
Gain Insight into Warranty Claims
Gain valuable knowledge about why shoppers are submitting warranty claims and leverage this data to enhance your products, optimize shipping processes, and proactively address common issues amongst returns.
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