Why you MUST include the ability to cancel an order

July 27, 2021
| by Zoe Sofer

Shopping online is already way more popular than buying at physical stores. It’s fun, time-efficient, productive and can even save us some money pretty easily. 

As most of us shop online, we have all been in a situation where we accidentally ordered the same item twice, chose the wrong size, the wrong color or maybe even decided that we were being impulsive and all we want to do is cancel the order before it is too late.

In this article, we will go over 4 reasons why e-commerce shops should always include the option to cancel an order on their website:

1. Save some precious time for your support team

The first thing a client will do when there is no cancelation option is search for a way to contact you (aka your support team). While your support team should be assisting in different “productive” problems such as IT issues, questions about specific products, etc., instead of dealing with a problem that has such a simple, technical solution. 

2. A happy client is a returning client

As a customer, you find it reassuring that you can change your mind about your order at almost any point. When you feel that reassurance, not only does it make you feel more confident about your wishlist items, cart and actual purchase, you won’t hesitate to come back in the future and buy at this store again. 

3. Avoid UNNECESSARY refunds and returns 

By providing your clients the option to cancel their order in the early stages, you automatically eliminate the long and sometimes excruciating process of returns and refunds. By doing so you are saving yourself and your client a lot of time, money, energy and as a bonus, you are reducing your carbon footprint while avoiding the redundant returns (yay!). 

4. Adding a recommendation engine to your cancellation process

While the customer cancels their order you may use the situation to include a few short questions that can help you learn more about your client and the reason they decided to cancel. Through their answers you may try to offer them recommendations for products they might like better and hopefully they will choose to change their order rather than cancel it entirely. By doing so you are both saving the purchase and securing your income and giving your customer the feeling as if you are attentive to their needs and want to get to know them better. 

These are just a few of the many reasons why you must have the option to cancel an order on your website.
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