Embed into Your Store to Boost Sales

Keep your customers coming back to your store by embedding your order tracking portal directly into your website.

Add an embedded order tracking portal to your store now to boost the customer experience.

Improve Customer Retention

Embed your order tracking portal seamlessly into your store to encourage repeat purchases and improve customer loyalty.

Provide a Consistent Experience

Create a seamless post-purchase experience from the moment customers place an order to its delivery and beyond.

Increase Revenue and Traffic

Maximize your revenue potential and drive more traffic to your store with customizable upsell opportunities.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Maximize the value of each customer through upsell opportunities that build customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and ultimately increase customer lifetime value.

By leveraging upsell opportunities within the order tracking process, you can encourage customers to explore complementary products or make additional purchases, leading to increased sales and higher average order values.

Create a Consistent Brand Presence

Consistency in branding is essential to leave a lasting impression and make your business stand out.

Create a consistent brand presence by incorporating your logo, color scheme, and brand messaging into every part of the order tracking experience.

Delivering a seamless customer journey builds trust, enhances brand recognition, and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.


Embedded order tracking page


Branded tracking notifications


Customizable upsell content

Increase Store Traffic for More Sales

Drive more visitors to your online store and boost sales by embedding your order tracking page directly into your store website.

Keeping customers within your store’s environment increases the chances of them making additional purchases, maximizing your sales and profits.