White-Label Return & Exchange Solution

Seamlessly offer ReturnGO’s industry-leading returns management functionality as part of your existing offerings through ReturnGO’s white-label OEM solution.

Enhance your value proposition and start offering seamless returns management.

What is ReturnGO’s White Label Solution?

ReturnGO’s offers a white-label arrangement for third-party logistics providers, carriers, eCommerce platforms, shipping platforms, and others to provide ReturnGO’s industry-leading services directly, under your own brand.

Flexible Integration Options

Full White-Label Integration

Your clients experience ReturnGO’s features as part of your solution.

Partial Integration

Choose specific ReturnGO features to complement your existing solution.

Enhance Your Offerings

Differentiate yourself in the market by offering other businesses return and exchange services as part of your solution.

Provide Added Value

Provide added value to the businesses you work with and enable them to easily automate their post-purchase process.

Drive Revenue

Generate additional revenue streams by selling ReturnGO’s OEM solution to your clients alongside your offerings.

Offer an End-to-End Solution

Deliver a complete post-purchase solution that includes everything from order tracking to returns, exchanges, and labels all in one place.