Shopify Returns
We convert returns to store credits on Shopify. Automatically resolve refund requests using our AI technology.

Why Use Us

One-Click Exchange

Customized Returns Portal

Smart Credit System

Return Shipping Labels

Built for Shopify Merchants

Analytics and Insights

Convert Refunds to Store Credit

Increase Revenue

Easy Setup

Returns Management Dashboard

Drastically Reduce Returns

Available Support Team

The Future Is Here

Whether you deal with 1 or 100,000 returns a month, ReturnGO can help you resolve your return requests.

Increase your revenue and average order value, decrease your refunds and most importantly, improve your customer satisfaction and retention.


Earn More with ReturnGO


Increase in Revenue

Increase customers’ average
spend rate.


Decrease in Refunds

Instantly resolve returns by offering
exchanges or store credit.


Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Easily resolved returns leave
your customers satisfied.

Install our Shopify app for free and get set up right away with the help of our returns specialists.


Industry Experts’ Thoughts

Great comprehensive solution for Shopify’s exchanges and returns. The customer service is especially great - quick responses, patient and thorough.


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