A merchandising platform that helps online brands increase their sales and conversion rates while optimizing inventory to improve profit margins.


Kimonix is a unique merchandising platform tailored for Shopify brands. It aids in optimizing sales and inventory by ensuring the right product is showcased in the right location and at the perfect moment.

With Kimonix, you can create smart, automated collections to enhance profitability, move your business forward with a merchandising collections sorting strategy, and use a top-notch product recommendation system that seamlessly integrates anywhere in your store.

The platform meticulously considers various merchandising parameters, including customer preferences, sales data, inventory levels, profit margins, and more. Kimonix’s goal is to strike the right balance between what will sell the best and what your business needs to sell.


  • Smart, automated collections
  • Merchandising sorting strategy
  • Irresistible product recommendations
  • Collections cross-selling
  • A/B testing
  • Marketing email campaigns