Izba Consulting
Company specializing in supply chain management for startups, bringing Fortune 500-level expertise to startups to boost equity and cashflow.


Izba Consulting helps founders start, scale, and exit their businesses, focusing on driving profitability and cash flow by enhancing supply chain operations.

Whether in short-term or long-term collaborations, Izba Consulting serves as a critical extension of your team, offering strategic partnerships and day-to-day management, while also fostering the development of your internal full-time team as your business scales up.

The unique blend of Fortune 500 and startup operator experience that Izba Consulting brings enables it to apply exceptional perspective and innovation into virtually any business scenario.

Izba Consulting’s mission is to accelerate business scaling efficiently, allowing founders and leaders to focus on other crucial aspects of their business. By strengthening your supply chain, it aims to bolster your profitability and cash flow, fueling your journey to enduring success.


  • Sales & operations planning
  • Factory production & management
  • Transportation execution & strategy
  • Omnichannel expansion
  • Fulfillment network design & management
  • Coaching