Revolutionize Magento Returns
Provide a self-service online return experience that increases sales, reduces waste, and builds customer loyalty.

Returns Made Easy

Define your return policy and workflow, making returns easy for both you and your customers.

Branded Return Portal

Customize your branded return portal to match the rest of your website and provide a seamless returns process.

Self-Service Returns

Increase LTV by providing a convenient self-service return & exchange experience.
Our Merchants Have Reduced Their Refunds By Over 40%, Increasing Revenue And Profitability

Returns don’t always have to cost.
We’ve found a way to make them profit.

Trusted By 2500+
Leading Brands

19% of all purchased items get returned

Offer Smart
Return Resolutions

Set up flexible return resolutions to retain revenue and cut costs.

Create Custom
Return Workflow

Define your return policy & workflow based on your custom return needs.

Gain AI Insights Into Your Returns

ReturnGO analyzes your returns data for actionable insights and offers you ways to optimize your workflow and increase profit.

Return Fraud

Put the right processes in place to minimize return fraud attempts. Create different workflows for your best and worst customers.

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Refund Automation

Refund your customers easily using a self-service return and refund portal.

Variant Exchange

Enable customers to exchange their item for another variant of the same item.

Return Analytics

Track your returns data to identify trends and gain insights to improve your process.

Email Notifications

Keep your customers updated throughout the returns process.


Connect to supported shipping carriers and aggregators for easy return shipping.

Return to Store

Let customers return items in person instead of shipping them back.

Return Labels

Generate return shipping labels automatically or manually.

International Returns

Manage and track international returns according to your return policy.

Customized Return Portal

Provide a branded return portal that matches the rest of your store.


Drop-Off Locations

Give customers the option of bringing returned items to a drop-off location.

Received Item Validation

Validate a received product’s condition using a customizable tool.

Powerful Automation

Automate your returns and exchanges based on tracking, statuses, and more.

Streamline your return process and ensure a great post-purchase experience for your customers