Ensure Accurate Returns with Item Validation
Rebecca Fox

April 2, 2023

Validating returned items ensures accurate returns while enabling you to verify their condition.

ReturnGO offers easy item validation to streamline the returns process, improve communication between teams, and minimize losses.

What is Item Validation? 

Item validation is the process of checking and verifying the accuracy and condition of returned items. This involves making sure the right product was returned and determining whether the returned item can be restocked.

ReturnGO’s item validation feature lets you have your warehouse team (whether in-house or outsourced) inspect the contents of incoming packages, document the results, and upload images as proof of what was received and its condition.

You can then see the item’s status in your ReturnGO account, enabling you to decide whether to refund and restock the item based on its condition. 

Why is Item Validation Important?

Item validation is an important step in the returns process because it helps ensure accurate returns and streamline communication between teams.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to validate returned items:

Minimizes Losses

Validating returned items helps minimize losses caused by damaged or unsellable products. 

By verifying the condition of the returned items, you can determine whether they can be resold or need to be disposed of, to prevent losses and reduce the impact of returns on your bottom line.

Streamlines Communication Between Teams

Having a clear item validation process can help streamline the communication between your teams, so that your warehouse team can document the results of their inspection, and your returns management team can issue refunds accordingly.

Additionally, documenting everything in ReturnGO gives you a reliable record for future reference, easily accessible in the RMA details.

Using ReturnGO, you can also automate your returns process to automatically issue the refund or exchange as soon as the returned item is marked as validated.

Improves Inventory Management

Making sure that returned items are recorded accurately can help reduce errors and improve your inventory management.

Item validation can help you track your inventory more accurately, preventing refund and restock mistakes, as well as helping you make better business decisions.

Prevents Return Fraud

Return fraud can be a serious problem, with customers sometimes resorting to creative and deceitful tactics to take advantage of the return process. The item validation feature in ReturnGO can help prevent return fraud and protect your business from financial losses.

Some examples of return fraud include customers attempting to return items that weren’t actually purchased from your store or items that don’t meet your return policy requirements. 

In some cases, customers may even go so far as to send empty boxes, rocks, or completely different products in place of the items they received.

By verifying the condition and purchase history of returned items, you can reduce the risk of fraudulent returns.

“A customer ordered a product from us about two weeks ago. Then we received an email from them saying that our product was faulty. We handled the issue on an urgent basis and said that they would return the product and we would reimburse them accordingly. 

But what came in the package was shocking. It was a bag full of stones and junk that they found in their homes. This came as a concern to us, and we contacted the concerned party, but since then they are nowhere to be found.”

– Guillaume Drew, Founder, Or & Zon

Configuring Item Validation

When the item validation feature in ReturnGO is activated on your account, validating returned items is quick and easy. 

To validate a returned item, simply navigate to the relevant RMA and click the “Validate Items” button. This opens a screen where you can view detailed information about the returned item and mark whether it is the correct item and in good enough condition to be restocked. 

You can also include images and notes about the item to help document any incorrect items or the condition of the returned item. 

The item validation feature helps you make sure that only valid returns are processed and that your inventory is kept up-to-date with accurate information about the condition of returned items.

How Does Item Validation Work?

The item validation process involves verifying that the returned items match the RMA and validating their condition before restocking or disposing of the returned items. 

If you integrate with a warehouse management system (WMS), you can have the warehouse validate the returned items and see that information reflected in ReturnGO.

Here’s how the item validation process works:

1. Verify That the Item is Correct

Validating an item begins with verifying that the returned item matches the information in the RMA. 

Validate each item as it enters your warehouse to prevent items that aren’t what they claim to be from getting through your inspection.

By ensuring that the correct item has been returned, you can avoid processing fraudulent returns and minimize losses.

2. Validate the Item’s Condition

After you’ve verified that the correct item has been returned, it’s time to verify the condition of the returned product. This involves checking whether the item is in good enough condition to be restocked or whether it needs to be disposed of. 

Validating returned items helps make sure they comply with your return policy. Depending on your return policy, there may be different criteria for validating the condition of returned items. 

For example, some stores may require that the product be in its original packaging, not be opened, or not be damaged.

3. Add Images and Notes

After inspecting the item and verifying its condition, you can mark the item as validated and add notes and images as needed. 

You can update the item’s status, add notes about the returned item, and add any images or other documentation related to the validation process. 

By adding detailed notes and documentation, you can make sure to keep accurate records of returned items and improve the accuracy of the returns process.

Use Item Validation to Ensure Accurate Returns

By ensuring that the correct items have been returned and validating their condition, you can minimize losses, prevent return fraud, and manage your inventory more efficiently. 

Use ReturnGO’s item validation feature to streamline the process of receiving returned items and keep detailed records of returned items for more efficient returns management.

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