Shopify is the largest eCommerce platform for starting, growing, and managing businesses today, with millions of merchants using the platform worldwide.

ReturnGO integrates with Shopify to empower you to efficiently manage eCommerce returns like never before. The two platforms work together seamlessly by ReturnGO taking order information from your Shopify store, automating the return and exchange process, and updating the order information on Shopify in real-time so everything is synced and tracked.

Enjoy the convenience of automated return requests, real-time tracking, and comprehensive analytics, all in one centralized system.



Automate Returns and Exchanges
Effortlessly automate the entire workflow of handling returns and exchanges, freeing up valuable time and resources for your business.
Sync Information
Seamlessly sync order and customer data between your Shopify store and ReturnGO so you can track what’s going on at all times.
Streamline the Returns Process
Manage returns, track them in real-time, and communicate with your customers from one centralized platform for a simplified returns process.