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We convert returns to store-credits on Shopify.
Resolve refund requests dramatically by using
our intelligent AI technology.
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No matter how many returns you deal with, from 0 to 100,000 a month, we will resolve your return requests with ReturnGO.

We will increase your revenue, and average order value, decrease your refunds, and most importantly, improve your customer satisfaction and retention.

Earn More With ReturnGO

Revenue Increase

Average customer spend
increases with ReturnGO

Decrease In Refunds

Resolve returns instantly
with ReturnGO

Customer Satisfaction Increased

Resolve returns automatically
for happy customers

Install our Shopify app for free, and start right away with our returns specialists!

What Industry Experts Are Saying

Mary-Rose Sutton

Digital Marketing and
E-Commerce Director

ReturnGO provides tremendous value to store owners, making a big impact reducing refunds and raising profit. Their technology makes a difference.

Luke Tipple

Whipr Founder & CEO

I would give ReturnGO 11 stars if I could. We’re trying to deal with exchanges, returns, and warranties that have to be serviced for a year after purchase. ReturnGO is a complete no-brainer for us. Highly recommended!

Darin Archer

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
at Elastic Path

E-Commerce profits live and die on returns. ReturnGo offers a brilliant way to prompt customers to consider alternatives, and increase LTV and customer satisfaction.