Refundid is an Australian-based instant refund solution that enables your eCommerce store to offer risk-free instant refunds. ReturnGO integrates with Refundid to help you provide instant refunds as part of your returns process.

Instant refunds are a modern way of making refunds more efficient. Refundid integrates with ReturnGO to give your customers their refund before they’ve sent back their items, at zero risk to your store.

Offering instant refunds ensures that your customers have a positive return experience, increasing their likelihood of buying from you again. Refundid’s instant refunds can lead to an average increase of 90% in repurchases.


Retain Customers
Provide a positive returns experience and quick resolution to keep customers coming back to buy again.
Increase Refund Speed
Create a competitive advantage by providing refunds instantly instead of the typical processing time of 3-10 days.
Boost Customer Satisfaction
Show customers that you value their time and that you’re committed to excellent customer service.