Make Returns Hassle-Free with Printerless Returns
Rebecca Fox

February 11, 2024

The future of return shipping is printerless returns using QR codes. ReturnGO enables you to offer printerless returns and revolutionize the way you handle returns and exchanges. 

Create a sustainable, convenient returns process that will boost efficiency, reduce return rates, and delight your customers.

What Are Printerless Returns?

With printerless returns, your customers no longer need to print out a physical return label.

The traditional way of returning items was that customers print out a return shipping label, tape it to the package, and drop it off – an inconvenient and wasteful process. 

Printerless returns are where instead of printing out a return shipping label, your customers receive a convenient QR code that acts as their return barcode. They can access it right on their smartphone – no printing, no fuss. 

And the best part? They can drop off their returns at a nearby USPS, Canada Post, or any other designated drop-off location, and the staff member can scan the return barcode right from the customer’s phone, enabling a completely contactless and paperless return.

The Power of QR Codes

QR code technology is truly revolutionizing returns in the retail industry, by storing a large amount of encoded data, so that a QR code can include all the relevant return shipping information.

Offering QR codes eliminates the need for printed return labels, while still providing the shipping carrier with the information necessary for processing the return.

In addition, they provide a mobile-friendly, omnichannel return option that’s ideal for the modern customer. Their flexibility and scalability make QR codes an ideal replacement for static, single-use printed return shipping labels. 

Why Offer Printerless Returns?

In order to fully understand the significance of printerless returns, let’s dive into the benefits of implementing QR code returns.

1. Reduced Barrier for Returns

Offering printerless returns makes it convenient for customers to return items without too much hassle. When the returns process is easy, you’ll gain more trust from your customers and keep them coming back to buy again.

By offering printerless returns, you eliminate the hassle of customers needing to find a printer and deal with printing. Your customers can initiate their return from the comfort of their home, then get their QR code and head straight to the drop-off location.

How to use a QR code for returns:

  • After initiating the return, your customers receive an email with their QR code.
  • They can open the email on their smartphone and display the QR code at the drop-off location.
  • The staff there scan the return barcode, and the return process is set in motion. Simple as that!

2. Enhanced Sustainability

Switching to printerless QR code returns eliminate the need for printed labels and dramatically reduces environmental impact.

Printing shipping labels uses significant amounts of paper and ink, leading to considerable paper waste and contributing to carbon emissions. 

Make your return process more eco-friendly by adopting printerless returns. Eco-conscious customers will appreciate this sustainable approach.

Research shows that more and more customers are actively factoring sustainability into their shopping habits: 78% of customers say their purchasing decisions are influenced by a brand’s environmental practices. 

By offering printerless returns with QR return barcodes, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, which can attract environmentally-aware customers and boost your brand image as a socially-responsible company.

3. Convenient and Contactless Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. Customers expect seamless, user-friendly experiences, and that applies to the returns process as well. With printerless returns and QR codes, you can offer your customers the highest level of convenience.

Gone are the days of printing shipping labels and dealing with the logistics of returning a product. By simply accessing a return barcode on their smartphones, your customers can initiate returns effortlessly, without having to print anything. 

By providing a convenient and contactless experience, you can create a positive and memorable impression of your brand. Using QR codes for printerless returns will delight your customers and position your eCommerce store as a leader in customer-centric, forward-thinking practices.

4. Increased Customer Loyalty

Printerless returns with QR codes can play a significant role in enhancing customer loyalty. When the returns process is seamless, hassle-free, and efficient, customers develop trust and confidence in your brand, knowing they can easily return items if necessary.

Moreover, the eco-friendly aspect of printerless returns aligns with the values of eco-conscious customers. By offering sustainable returns options, you attract environmentally-aware customers who appreciate your commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

Investing in printerless returns and QR codes improves customer loyalty and contributes to long-term customer retention. As you build a loyal customer base, you reduce customer churn and increase customer lifetime value, driving sustainable growth for your eCommerce business.

How to Implement Printerless Returns

ReturnGO seamlessly integrates with various carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other major carriers that support QR code return barcodes. This functionality enables you to generate QR codes instead of or in addition to traditional return shipping labels. 

When customers request a return or exchange via ReturnGO’s convenient self-service portal, eligible customers will receive a QR code and/or return label directly via email. 

Customers can bring their packages to a participating carrier location, where employees will scan the return barcode from their screen. Offering an omnichannel returns experience ensures maximum convenience, flexibility, and ease of use for your customers. 

By enabling you to provide both QR codes and return shipping labels, ReturnGO helps you cater to a broader range of customer preferences, granting them the convenience and freedom to choose their preferred method. 

Some customers might prefer the digital ease of QR codes, while others may still appreciate the familiarity of a physical, printed return label. 

Take your return management to the next level by offering printerless returns through ReturnGO’s seamless integrations, delighting your customers with flexible return options.

Chat with our experts to boost your customer return experience and LTV today.

Adopt Printerless Returns for a Competitive Edge

In the rapidly evolving eCommerce industry, offering a frictionless returns experience is essential to maintain a competitive advantage. 

By implementing innovative solutions like printerless returns using QR codes, you can transform the post-purchase process to be more sustainable, convenient, and customer-centric. 

ReturnGO makes implementing a printerless returns solution simple and straightforward. Give your customers the hassle-free returns process they deserve while reducing your environmental impact.


What are Printerless Return QR Codes?

Printerless return QR codes are a cutting-edge solution revolutionizing the world of online shopping. Instead of the traditional method of printing out a return shipping label, customers receive a QR code directly on their smartphones. This QR code serves as their return barcode, containing all the necessary shipping information encoded within.

With no printing required, customers can effortlessly access and present the QR code at designated drop-off locations for a completely contactless and paperless return experience. This innovative approach streamlines the return process while also aligning with eco-friendly practices by reducing paper waste.

By offering QR codes as a mobile-friendly and scalable alternative to printed labels, retailers can cater to the preferences of modern customers while ensuring efficient return processing.

What’s the Meaning of a No Printer Required Return?

A “no printer required” return refers to a returns process that doesn’t require the customer to print out a shipping label in order to return an item.

Traditionally, customers would need to go to the store’s website, enter the relevant information, print out a return shipping label, attach it to the package, and drop it off at the post office to be shipped back. With a no-printer return, the customer gets a QR code that contains all the necessary shipment details. Then the customer can simply present the QR code on their smartphone to the shipping carrier or drop-off location. This removes the need to print out paper labels, making returns far more convenient for the customer, especially since many people don’t have printers at home nowadays.

“No printer returns” are part of an emerging trend toward more streamlined, eco-friendly returns processes enabled by mobile technology. By going printerless, returns are made simpler for the customer, more efficient for the retailer, and more sustainable.

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