Offer Instant Exchanges

Provide your customers with instant exchanges via an online self-service portal, empowering them to effortlessly exchange products or variants and have their new items shipped immediately.

Streamline the exchange process and empower your customers with instant exchanges today.

Speed Up the Process

Accelerate the exchange process for customers, reducing waiting times and offering faster resolutions.

Prevent Fraud

Safeguard your business from return fraud by placing a hold on their card through Stripe until the original items are returned.

Make Exchanges Easy

Simplify exchanges by letting customers provide their credit card details in the portal, saving them from paying invoices later.

Provide Quick Resolutions

Quickly resolve exchange requests by offering instant exchanges, so your customers can return products and get replacements immediately. 

With instant exchanges, customers don’t have to wait until their original items are received to get their new items shipped out.


Build trust and loyalty


Reduce customer frustration


Maintain a positive brand image

Protect Your Business

Prevent return fraud by placing a hold on your customers’ credit card until they return their original items.

If the customer does ship the items back, the authorized amount is used to cover price differences and fees.

However, if you discover an issue with the returned items, you can still charge the customer the full amount, as long as the customer hasn’t yet been charged for the price difference and fees.

Streamline the Exchange Flow

By offering instant exchanges, you create a customer-centric experience that encourages repeat business.

Instant exchanges are a win-win situation. Customers can receive their new items faster, and you can safeguard your business and make sure you’re covered in case they don’t return the items.