Automate Your Return Policy

Implement a return policy with customizable conditions to prevent customers returning ineligible products.

Set up your return policy now for a more efficient returns process.

Customize Conditions

Tailor your return policy to your business needs by customizing eligibility conditions.

Adapt to Different Situations

Set up and enforce different policy rules for different situations.

Reduce Ineligible Returns

Minimize return requests of ineligible items and streamline your returns process.

Your Business, Your Rules

Every business has unique return requirements, and ReturnGO empowers you to customize your return eligibility conditions according to your specific needs.

By tailoring your return policy to your business, you’ll ensure that only eligible items are accepted for return, saving you valuable time and resources.

Set up conditions such as:


Product type


Return window


Item condition


Return reason


Other criteria that your store requires

Minimize Returns, Maximize Satisfaction

Reduce the number of returns that don’t meet your conditions.

Automating your return policy helps boost customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency, and enables you to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Say goodbye to unnecessary returns and welcome greater customer satisfaction.

Build Trust and Transparency

A clear return policy builds trust and transparency with your customers by clearly outlining what customers can expect during the returns process.

By setting clear guidelines, you eliminate confusion and uncertainty, helping customers make informed decisions when initiating returns.