Streamline Your Amazon MCF Returns & Exchanges

ReturnGO is the only solution to automate returns and exchanges for Amazon MCF sellers.

Simplify your workflows and manage your Amazon MCF returns and exchanges all in one place.

Streamline Workflows

Sync your workflow by automatically creating return authorizations on Amazon MCF when a return request is approved on ReturnGO.

Manage Returns at Scale

Scale your store and boost ROI by managing returns for multiple Shopify stores with the same Amazon MCF account.

Improve Visibility

Receive return reasons and return locations dynamically from MCF, and get updates when returned items are processed by MCF.

Simplify the Returns Process

Provide a branded, self-service portal embedded directly into your store, using Amazon MCF return reasons, dynamic return locations, and customized eligibility conditions.

Streamline the returns process and provide a smooth customer experience by simplifying the workflow.


Automate Your Returns Process

Using ReturnGO together with Amazon MCF, you can configure powerful automation rules to automatically approve returns, issue refunds, release exchanges, and more.

ReturnGO is synced seamlessly with Amazon MCF so that when a return is approved on ReturnGO, a return authorization is automatically created in Amazon MCF. Additionally, get updates for RMAs on ReturnGO when a returned item has been processed by MCF.


Increase efficiency


Simplify operations


Improve visibility

Sync Return Reasons & Eligibility

Align your return reasons between Amazon MCF and ReturnGO and get clarity on return eligibility per product as defined on Amazon MCF.

This helps ensure that only eligible items are returned, giving you more control and visibility and reducing unnecessary returns.


Use Dynamic Return Locations

ReturnGO dynamically retrieves return locations from Amazon MCF and generates return labels for MCF orders after the RMAs are approved on ReturnGO.

Sync your operations to ensure accuracy and consistency in your returns process.

Seamlessly Integrate with Shopify and More

Optimize your returns management for Shopify, Magento 2, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and any other eCommerce platform with the ReturnGO and Amazon MCF integration.

Think big – manage your returns at scale by managing multiple Shopify stores on the same Amazon MCF account.

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