ReturnGO & Shipedge Integration: Warehouse Management Made Easy
Rebecca Fox

March 12, 2023

ReturnGO is happy to announce a new integration with Shipedge. With this new integration, your store can track return shipments arriving at your warehouse and receive updates on return inspections and validations in real-time.

How Does the Shipedge and ReturnGO Integration Work?

ReturnGO integrates with the Shipedge warehouse management system (WMS) to sync restocking, receiving of packages, and available inventory levels with your ReturnGO account and online store. 

When ReturnGO creates an RMA, an open return request is generated in Shipedge, which is updated when the return shipment arrives at the warehouse and the returned items are validated and restocked.

The Shipedge integration enables your warehouse team to continue working with the system they’re used to, with return status updates being automatically synced with your ReturnGO account.

Setting Up the Shipedge Integration

Setting up the Shipedge integration with your ReturnGO account is straightforward and easy. Simply navigate to the integrations settings within your ReturnGO account and select Shipedge from the list of available integrations. 

From there, follow the prompts to complete the integration setup process. This includes entering your Shipedge login credentials and providing other relevant information.

Once you’ve completed the setup process, the Shipedge integration will be fully integrated into your ReturnGO account and you can start using it right away. 

Benefits of Using the Shipedge Integration

The Shipedge integration can help you streamline your returns process and improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations by providing real-time tracking, synced information, item validation, and restocking updates.

Return Shipment Tracking

When an item is returned to your warehouse, the shipment status is updated in ReturnGO so you are always in the loop on the status of returned items. 

This enables you to make sure that no items are lost or misplaced during the return process, and you can easily keep track of every returned item.

Item Validation

The integration with Shipedge enables real-time updates to the return status once your warehouse team has scanned and verified these items to ensure that they meet your return policy requirements.

Item validation can reduce the risk of return fraud by verifying each item before it enters your warehouse, preventing items that may not be what they claim to be from making it through your inventory checks. 

Integrating with Shipedge helps you validate returned items on arrival back in order to ensure they are properly accounted for and marked as received.

In the long run, item validation can save your business time and money by preventing return fraud and improving the efficiency of your return process. 

Updated Inventory Levels

The Shipedge integration with ReturnGO helps you update your store inventory when a returned item is restocked in your warehouse.

By updating your store’s inventory in real-time and tracking the status of returned items as they are validated and restocked, the Shipedge integration streamlines your return process and improves warehouse efficiency.

Synced Information

A major benefit of integrating Shipedge into your ReturnGO returns management account is the ability to sync information between your warehouses, ReturnGO, and your store. 

With the Shipedge integration, you can track the status of returned items as they move through your warehouses, from receipt to validation to restocking. This synced information can help you keep your returns process organized and efficient.

Integrate with Shipedge to Streamline Your Returns

With the new Shipedge integration, your store can track return shipments arriving at your warehouses and receive updates on restocking and item validation.

Shipedge enables you to keep everything in sync with the latest information about returned items which saves you time and improves accuracy.

Use the Shipedge integration with ReturnGO to streamline your returns process and increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

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