Returns Management Trends

Return Rate

Average 18.5%

Offered Resolutions
The percentage of stores that offer each return resolution.
Offered Return Methods
The percentage of stores that offer each return method.
Returns Process Statistics

A percentage-based look at what eCommerce stores are doing and how they manage their returns process.

Ask for media proof in returns


Offer fee-free returns


Charge a return label fee


Charge a restocking fee


Charge a return fee


Support gift returns


Average return window

42 days

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the returns data calculated?
The returns data on this page is based on ReturnGO’s returns data from 2023, providing insights into products, processes, and operational efficiency.
What does a high return rate mean?

A high return rate can significantly affect stores financially by reducing revenue, impacting profit margins, and incurring additional costs. Learn More

How can I see my store's returns data?

To access your store’s returns data, use ReturnGO’s return analytics page.