Looking for An Alternative to Return Magic? Migrate to ReturnGO
February 14, 2022
by David Miles

The time is now to migrate to ReturnGO from Return Magic and give your customers an exceptional return experience.

You can easily migrate your Return Magic settings and active RMA’s to ReturnGO so that you can provide the best possible return experience to your customers without any downtime.

What our users are saying

When is ReturnMagic closing?

Return Magic is set to close on July 6th, 2022, it is advisable to start migrating as soon as possible.

How can I migrate to ReturnGO?

Contact our support team they are available 24/7 they will help you migrate your Return Magic settings and RMA’s over to ReturnGO.

Do you provide return shipping labels?

Yes, you can generate a return label automatically or upload it manually.

Can I schedule a demo?

Yes, you can book and see ReturnGO in action.
Please book your demo time here: https://returngo.ai/request-a-demo/

Are international returns supported?

Yes, ReturnGO supports international returns, setting up different return policies based on the customer’s location, and so much more.

Do you help me set up? 

Our onboarding team is here to help you every step of the way, anywhere from Return Magic migration to setting up new rules and policies. No matter how big or small the questions might we are available 24/7.

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Streamline your return process and ensure a great post-purchase experience for your customers.