5 Reasons new eCommerce stores should have a Returns & Exchange Portal

July 22, 2021
| by Zoe Sofer

I know what you are thinking: I just opened my store and my sales volumes are still low, so any returns requests I get can be resolved by email or phone. What’s the big deal? Why on earth should I set up an order return & exchange portal?

One of the most important things you can do as a new store owner is set your store up to succeed. Even if you’re only processing a few returns or exchanges a month, this could take hours of your presentation time and still not give your customer the best experience. 

Here are 5 ways a Returns & Change Portal can help your store:

1. Free returns are an effective method to increase conversion method

Researchers say that 80% of your customers check the return policy before they place an order. A store with an attractive return policy gives more confidence to customers to make their first purchase and increases conversion.

While they look at your start refund page and see they need to email you to get a refund, not only they will be suspicious about the return/exchange process, which will be done manually, but it also avoids them making the purchase.

Think about it, as a customer, would you buy an item from a store offering returns & exchange via email? More chances are they will buy once they see a friendly return portal which makes them understand the store cares about exchanges and gives them the impression it is something common which means the store also generates sales and not use a new store.

Screenshot taken from a known brand using returns to increase conversion

2. self-service eCommerce

As you expect your first customers to make a purchase using a self-service checkout, you should expect them to make their first return using a self-service return & portal.

Simple as that. 

3. New revenue resource

Setting up return and exchange policies is an essential part of running a successful business online.

Using smart return solutions, you can use returns to make extra profits. The assumption of store owners that returns is an expense that should be minimized is oftentimes wrong. In some situations, offering returns and exchanges may not only improve customer satisfaction but also help you generate more revenue. Remember, the customers who receive a good return and exchange experience can be your best customers for the long term. Use this opportunity to give them a service that will not forget and come back for more.

4. Encourage exchanges over refunds

The cost of a return isn’t just the customer overhead you’re willing to go through while you’re new in business. It’s the time and effort it takes to process the return, as well as the inefficient logistics that end up with refunds.

A good return & exchange portal should provide a seamless experience for your customers, which will encourage them to make exchanges and pick the new product instantly which simply is not possible with manual email support.

5. Understand your customers and products better

With a return solution, you can get the data you need about your customers and products.

A return solution will give you the data you need to know about your customers and also about your products. As a business owner, you need to know which products customers are returning, and why. This information will help you know how to improve and how to reduce your overall return rate by improving product descriptions, expectations of the customer, and more.

Automate Returns & Exchanges

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