Connect with any carrier worldwide through Webshipper to automate return shipping workflows.


Webshipper is a leading shipping aggregator that offers seamless connections to over 70 shipping carriers globally. ReturnGO integrates with Webshipper to help you easily manage your return shipping.

The ReturnGO integration with Webshipper gives you access to pay-on-scan return labels and live tracking status updates, offering visibility into return shipments in real-time.

Save time and money with the auto-select-cheapest carrier and service level feature, intelligently choosing the most cost-effective options for your business.


Save Time and Money
Automatically select the cheapest carrier and service level for each return to get the best value.
Connect to Your Current Carrier
Simplify the process and maximize efficiency by integrating seamlessly with your existing carrier.
Improve Visibility
Stay on top of your return shipments with real-time tracking for full visibility into the status of your returns.