Seamlessly integrates return processes into ERP, WMS, and more through VL OMNI.


The VL OMNI – ReturnGO integration is a dynamic solution empowering merchants with VL OMNI’s iPaaS strength and ReturnGO’s robust API functionality. Leveraging published public endpoints, it seamlessly connects diverse applications, normalizing data and applying business rules as it flows.

Integrating VL OMNI – ReturnGO into eCommerce applications facilitates a smooth returns and refunds process. The VL OMNI – ReturnGO Connector eliminates manual data entry, automating the entire returns and refunds workflow at scale. This fully integrated and managed solution is a game-changer for brands striving for a painless return process, enhancing the post-purchase customer experience, and reducing the cost of returns.



Real-Time Visibility
Stay informed about the progress of orders, sales performance across different channels, and more.
Improved Workflows
Streamline your order fulfillment process and experience faster and more efficient workflows.
Flexible & Agile Integrations
Apply custom business rules to the integration solution to fit it to your requirements perfectly.