USPS Merchandise Return Service enables you to manage customer returns using pre-paid return shipping labels. ReturnGO integrates with USPS to help you manage your return shipping efficiently.

The ReturnGO-USPS MRS integration lets you effortlessly generate pre-paid return shipping labels, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free returns process for your customers. The integration also provides live tracking status updates, enabling you to monitor your return shipments in real-time.

One of the standout features of this integration is the option for printerless returns through the use of QR codes so your customers can easily initiate returns without having to print return labels, making the process even more convenient and eco-friendly.


Simplifies the Returns Process
Provide a seamless experience for customers by automatically generating pre-paid return labels.
Increases Efficiency
Boost your efficiency with automated return shipping logistics, reducing time and effort.
Offers Real-Time Visibility
Track returns in real-time with live tracking status updates to monitor your return shipments and keep customers informed.