Trengo is a multi-channel customer service platform that makes it easy for you to respond quickly and efficiently to your customers. ReturnGO integrates with Trengo to help you manage returns-related customer inquiries.

Using the ReturnGO-Trengo integration, tickets can be automatically created in Trengo whenever a return request is initiated on ReturnGO. This ensures that all customer support queries regarding returns are centralized, enabling your team to handle them promptly.

The integration further enhances the customer support workflow by updating the ticket with real-time status updates for the RMA or shipment. By including the customer’s email in the Trengo ticket, you can easily track and communicate updates.

Additionally, the integration ensures that the text of each Trengo update is automatically added to the RMA note in ReturnGO, providing comprehensive and transparent documentation of the customer’s return journey.


Improve Communication
Access all the necessary information in one place to communicate better with customers.
Provide Better Support
Provide excellent support by responding to inquiries promptly and accurately.
Boost Efficiency
Streamline processes and respond faster to support queries, boosting overall efficiency.