The Return by Retail Reworks
A return service by Retail Reworks that uses dry cleaning locations as drop-off locations for returns.


The Return is a return service by Retail Reworks, using dry cleaning locations as drop-off locations for returns.

Leveraging The Return’s extensive network of drop-off locations, ReturnGO’s integration with The Return eliminates the need for customers to print return labels or stand in line at the post office. Instead, customers can simply receive a QR code and drop off their package at any convenient drop-off location.

This helps you give your customers a positive return experience while empowering your business to handle returns more effectively.


Make Returns Convenient
Make it easy and convenient for customers to return items by dropping them off at a drop-off location near them.
Streamline Returns Processing
The Return does the initial returns processing for you, so all you have to do is receive the returned items at your warehouse.
Increase Sustainability
Consolidated returns reduce your carbon footprint and make your returns process more sustainable.