Starshipit is a leading provider of integrated and automated fulfillment solutions for online businesses in Australasia. ReturnGO integrates with Starshipit to simplify and streamline your return shipping.

The Starshipit-ReturnGO integration helps you connect to 60+ carriers and popular eCommerce platforms so you can compare shipping rates, print return shipping labels, adjust return addresses, set up automations, and more.

Integrating with Starshipit streamlines your fulfillment process, reduces handling time, minimizes the chance of human error, and improves the returns experience for customers.


Reduce Handling Time
Streamline your reverse logistics by minimizing the time spent manually handling returns.
Access a Wide Range of Carriers
Connect to your preferred shipping carrier to simplify your return shipping process.
Optimize Shipping Costs
Compare shipping rates from multiple carriers for the most cost-effective return solution.