Automate return shipping workflows and return labels by connecting to carriers through Shippo.


Shippo is a powerful shipping solution designed to automate and optimize your return shipping, saving you time and resources.

By integrating Shippo with your ReturnGO account, you gain access to a range of advanced features to improve your returns shipping workflow, including pay-on-scan return shipping labels that save you money and give you greater flexibility by charging you only when the labels are scanned.

Simplify returns with QR codes that help reduce errors and speed up the shipping process, and live tracking status updates that keep you informed in real-time.


Offer Pre-Paid Labels
Make it easy for customers to ship back returned items by providing pre-paid return labels.
Keep Track of Shipments
Monitor your return shipments in real-time so you're always up to date.
Reduce Errors
Improve accuracy by automatically generating labels and reducing manual work.