ShipMonk is a fulfillment provider that makes reverse logistics, returns processing, and inventory management easier. By using ReturnGO together with ShipMonk you can effortlessly receive and process returned products at your warehouse and maintain accurate stock levels for your eCommerce store.

By syncing return information between ReturnGO and ShipMonk, the integration streamlines your workflow. Once an RMA is approved in ReturnGO, a corresponding ShipMonk return record is automatically generated, letting your warehouse know to expect the incoming return shipment.

Additionally, the integration enables ShipMonk to update ReturnGO on the status of the returned items. This gives you real-time visibility into the condition of returned products, which can be used to trigger automations and make informed decisions regarding restocking, repairs, and any additional actions.

The ReturnGO-ShipMonk integration helps automate returns management and inventory control processes, reducing manual tasks and ensuring accurate stock levels for your store.


Streamline Reverse Logistics
Increase your team’s productivity by accurately and seamlessly receiving and recording returned items.
Sync Return Information
Seamlessly synchronize return information across platforms, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data.
Minimize Manual Work
Simplify your reverse logistics workflow by automating time-consuming tasks, saving you valuable time.