Shipmondo is a shipping aggregator that enables you to ship worldwide across carriers through a single platform. ReturnGO integrates with Shipmondo for quick, easy return shipping.

With the ReturnGO-Shipmondo integration, you can automatically generate pay-on-scan return shipping labels and enjoy the convenience of auto-selecting the cheapest carrier and service level for your returns, helping you serve customers around the world.

Save time and effort by easily connecting to your preferred carrier, eliminating the hassle of manually comparing shipping options.

Say goodbye to complex reverse logistics and hello to a simplified and efficient return shipping solution with ReturnGO-Shipmondo integration.


Automatically Generate Return Labels
Boost your productivity and save valuable time by creating return labels automatically.
Connect With Your Carrier
Seamlessly integrate with your preferred carrier for a smooth and efficient return shipping process.
Simplify International Returns
Easily handle international returns, eliminating hassles associated with cross-border transactions.