Shipedge is a warehouse management system for managing all aspects of your logistics and inventory management. ReturnGO integrates with Shipedge to help you synchronize restocking, package receiving, and inventory levels.

The Shipedge and ReturnGO integration simplifies the returns management process by automating and syncing returns processing.

When a return request is approved on ReturnGO and a return label is issued, a return record is automatically generated in Shipedge, smoothing the process from return request to warehouse handling.

This automated workflow eliminates manual data entry and simplifies the returns process, saving you valuable time and reducing errors.

Additionally, the integration enables the seamless transfer of returned item inspection results from Shipedge back to ReturnGO, ensuring comprehensive visibility and real-time updates on the status of returned products.


Improve Operational Efficiency
Boost efficiency with automated returns processing, streamlined workflows, and data-driven decisions that drive better results.
Streamline Reverse Logistics
Increase efficiency in your return inventory management by automating return record creation and seamless data transfer.
Ensure Accuracy
With real-time updates and comprehensive visibility, you can make sure that returns are processed correctly.