Seamlessly connect with any European carrier to automate return shipping and return labels.


Sendcloud is a leading European shipping aggregator that connects to 85+ systems and carriers for complete shipping management. ReturnGO integrates with Sendcloud to automate the process of shipping returns.

With the ReturnGO-Sendcloud integration, you can automatically generate pre-paid return shipping labels, including international labels. Manage your return shipping efficiently and stay up-to-date with live tracking status updates, ensuring transparency and visibility throughout the returns process.

Seamlessly connect to your current carrier and optimize your reverse logistics workflow by integrating ReturnGO with Sendcloud.


Access a Wide Carrier Network
Choose from over 85 systems and carriers, letting you choose how your returns will be shipped.
Optimize Logistics Workflows
Reduce manual intervention by automating many elements of the reverse logistics process.
Enhance Visibility
Keep track of all of your returns in real-time throughout the entire return shipping process.