Seko Logistics provides efficient domestic and international shipping services. ReturnGO integrates with Seko Logistics to help you streamline your return shipping.

With the Seko Logistics and ReturnGO integration, your ReturnGO account automatically syncs with your Seko Logistics account, giving you access to your active carriers and service levels instantly.

Easily select your preferred carrier and service level combination for each return method, or take advantage of the convenient auto-select cheapest feature, guaranteeing the most cost-effective return shipping option for each return shipment.

The integration is particularly advantageous for international shipments. Once an RMA is approved on ReturnGO, a return shipping label is automatically generated and sent to your customers. When customers drop off their packages, they are transported to a Seko Logistics hub and from there transferred to your warehouse.


Streamline Workflow
Optimize your return shipping process for smoother and more efficient operations.
Ship Globally
Seamlessly handle domestic and international return shipments, supporting customers worldwide.
Reduce Costs
Maximize cost savings by selecting the most cost-effective carriers and service levels for your return shipments.