RyderShip is a 3PL that makes reverse logistics, returns processing, and inventory management easier. With this integration, you can effortlessly receive and process returned products at your warehouse while keeping your online store’s stock levels accurate.

A RyderShip return record is automatically created when an RMA is generated in ReturnGO. This ensures that your warehouse team can prepare for the incoming return shipment, saving you valuable time and minimizing the need for manual intervention.

Additionally, the integration enables RyderShip to update the RMA in ReturnGO when an item is received, validated, and restocked, including the validation status per item.

The ReturnGO-RyderShip integration reduces manual work and ensures accurate stock levels by automating your returns management and returned inventory processes.


Streamline Reverse Logistics
Improve the efficiency of receiving and accurately recording returned items for your team.
Sync Return Information
Improve accuracy and reduce the risk of errors by synchronizing return details across platforms.
Minimize Manual Work
Simplify your reverse logistics workflow by automating the different steps, saving you valuable time.