ReturnGO has partnered with ReturnQueen, the country’s leading, on-demand, mobile-app-based online return concierge, to help retailers streamline and manage their return capabilities and processes. This integration brings a dynamic suite of capabilities to market, including nationwide home pickup services with premium packageless and printerless returns, fully integrated technologies and ecosystem available to all customers and ecommerce clients, and much more.

ReturnQueen is a first-to-market of its kind app that provides full-service on-demand returns – including doorstep pickups, sorting, boxing, taping, labeling and shipping.

ReturnQueen now operates in every ZIP code across the United States and continues to expand in its mission to make returns (of anything) easier (for everyone). ReturnQueen’s enhancement of the post-purchase life cycle improves customer satisfaction and yields invaluable retention, truly changing the game for the online shopping industry at large.

The integration aims to simplify the process of managing post-purchase at every stage through integration of physical and digital return capabilities, enabling online retailers to continue offering flexible return policies while protecting their bottom line.



Make Returns Easy
Provide your customers with convenient, on-demand pickup scheduling for a hassle-free returns experience.
Simplify Labeling and Packaging
Let ReturnQueen take care of sorting, boxing, and labeling returns, streamlining the process and reducing errors.
Boost Retention Rates
Ensure consistent revenue by offering a hassle-free shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.