Streamline Your PrestaShop Returns

ReturnGO is expanding to more platforms! Join our beta program to optimize the returns process for your PrestaShop store.

Join the Beta for PrestaShop Returns

PrestaShop Beta

Process Returns Faster

Automate the returns process to ensure returns are resolved quickly, meeting customer expectations

Elevate the Customer Experience

Boost the customer experience by providing simple and seamless returns through a self-service return portal.

Save Time & Money

Streamline your return workflow with advanced automation rules, saving you both time and valuable resources.

Build Customer Trust

A transparent return experience reduces uncertainty and builds customer trust, demonstrating your commitment to providing exceptional service.

Offer a user-friendly returns process that gives customers control over their returns through a self-service return portal, as well as real-time notifications throughout.

Create Flexible Policy Rules

Tailor your return policy rules to your business’ requirements with unlimited eligibility conditions based on item, order, RMA, or customer details.

The return portal will automatically implement your return policy and make sure you don’t receive ineligible requests.


Enforce requirements


Customize your return policy


Reduce return fraud

Integrate With Tools You Use

Seamlessly integrate the tools and systems you already use, from shipping carriers to helpdesks, 3PLs, or warehouse management software.

Streamline your return workflow by eliminating manual data entry and ensuring consistency across systems, making your reverse logistics as efficient as possible.