Picqer is a leading Dutch warehouse management system that helps you sync receiving of return shipments, restocking, and inventory with your ReturnGO account and online store. ReturnGO integrates with Picqer to help you receive and process returned products more efficiently.

The ReturnGO integration with Picqer makes it easy to synchronize restocking, package receiving, and inventory levels.

When a return request is approved on ReturnGO and a return label is issued, a return record is automatically created in Picqer, ensuring that your warehouse is prepared to receive the returned products.

The integration also automates the reporting of inspection results from Picqer back to ReturnGO, so you can accurately update stock levels based on the condition of the returned items.


Improve Visibility
Make better decisions by gaining insights into the condition and status of returned items in real-time.
Save Time and Resources
Eliminate the need for manual data entry to minimize errors and increase productivity while reducing costs.
Process Returns More Efficiently
Streamline your returns processing workflow by automating and syncing return records and inspection results.