We believe business operations should be seamless and straightforward. Imagine what you can do with accurate real-time cross-vertical metrics and full visibility on your business operations. No confusing manual spreadsheets, no multiple tabs/platforms, and correcting tons of mistakes.

With Octup, you can completely automate your business operations and logistics, providing you with real-time actionable tasks and insights for all your operational needs! Yes, we said REAL TIME!

Use Octup to:
– Gain a cross-platform view and analysis of all your data with a single login.
– Save time on repetitive tasks by automating day-to-day operations.
– Get real-time insights and unlock hidden business opportunities with Octup’s AI-driven analytics.
– Turn insights into tasks that you can then assign to team members in your organization.
– Cut down on unnecessary costs, increase consumer LTV, increase consumer retention rate & identify savings across the board.



Operations & Marketing Visibility
Integrate with all business aspects (i.e. sales, marketing, warehousing, last mile, finance & more) using a unified data model.
Actionable Insights
Get machine learning & AI driven actionable insights and analytics layer to expose the frictions, blind spots & opportunities across all channels.
Automation & Task Management
Turn insights into an automated & manageable task list for employees from all departments.