NZ Post (eShip)
Automate return workflows by integrating with NZ Post to generate return labels and track return shipments.


NZ Post (eShip) is New Zealand Post’s cloud-based app that integrates with your eCommerce platform to automate the process of order delivery and return and specializes in sending or returning multiple packages at once.

It is specially designed to handle multiple returns and sends packages at once. ReturnGO integrates with eShip in order to make return shipping as easy and convenient as possible.

The ReturnGO-NZ Post integration supports pay-on-scan return shipping labels, making returns hassle-free for your customers, and live tracking status updates, keeping customers in the loop at all times.

Streamline your reverse logistics with the ability to automatically select the most cost-effective service level for return shipping.


Improve the Customer Experience
Provide a convenient customer experience by offering pre-paid return shipping labels and real-time tracking updates.
Reduce Costs
Reduce the cost of your returns by using the most cost-effective shipping methods.
Streamline Reverse Logistics
Automate your return shipping for a more efficient and streamlined reverse logistics workflow.