Mintsoft is a cloud-based warehouse, inventory, and eCommerce order management solution, created for 3PLs, warehouses, wholesalers, and online retailers.

ReturnGO integrates with Mintsoft to help you receive and process returned products, and sync return information with your warehouse.

By syncing return information between ReturnGO and Mintsoft, the integration streamlines your workflow. Once an RMA is approved and a return label is issued in ReturnGO, a corresponding Mintsoft return record is automatically generated, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Furthermore, the integration offers automated reporting of returned item inspection results back to ReturnGO, making it easy to keep track of restocked returns.


Streamline Workflow
Effortlessly manage returned items with up-to-date return information at your fingertips.
Reduce Errors
Minimize human errors by automating data transfer between ReturnGO and Mintsoft.
Optimize Warehouse Operations
Improve warehouse efficiency by eliminating manual tasks and ensuring accurate return records.