Add a donation disposition option to route returns to a local vetted nonprofit or school.


LiquiDonate is a startup on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to a circular economy, bridging the gap between those with excess inventory and nonprofit organizations in need of donations.

Using LiquiDonate together with ReturnGO helps streamline donations while maintaining a customer-friendly returns solution. When customers print a shipping label, you can route returns to the nearest nonprofit partner. Returned items move locally, reducing your shipping costs while benefiting your customers’ communities.

With over 3,700 nonprofit partners across the U.S., your brand will have a wide-reaching sustainable impact! As your unsellable inventory from customer returns find a new home you benefit from impact reporting, reduced costs, and possible tax benefits for charitable contributions.



Increase Sustainability
Donate returned items instead of shipping long distances where they may eventually be discarded.
Make an Impact
Support nonprofits and schools with needed goods and tell your sustainability story with custom impact reporting.
Reduce Returns Costs
Keep shipping distances shorter by sending items to nonprofits near your customers.