LiquiDonate is a San Francisco-based startup on a mission to bridge the gap between stores looking to donate items and organizations in need of donations.

Using LiquiDonate together with ReturnGO can help you streamline the process of donating your returned products.

When your customers request a return through ReturnGO, you can have your customers send their returned items to a LiquiDonate warehouse. The items get listed on LiquiDonate’s marketplace, and local organizations can claim the products they need.

This helps you save on return costs, keep items out of landfills, and support community organizations in need.



Increase Sustainability
Reduce landfill waste by donating returned items instead of discarding them.
Make an Impact
Take part in social responsibility by supporting nonprofits, schools, and circular economy players.
Reduce Returns Costs
Avoid fees and disposal costs by donating items instead of processing them as waste.