Klaviyo is a marketing platform that makes it possible to automate and personalize email and SMS marketing campaigns.

By seamlessly integrating ReturnGO with Klaviyo, you can update customers’ Klaviyo profiles with return events as metrics, and create Klaviyo flows to send return-related emails and SMS notifications instead of sending them directly through ReturnGO.

The Klaviyo integration supports automated event triggers, so you can set up email and SMS campaigns that are triggered based on specific return events. Furthermore, you can conveniently view return event metrics within Klaviyo, providing you with valuable insights and data to measure the impact of your return management strategies.


Personalize Communications
Send personalized notifications to create a better customer experience and boost brand awareness.
Track Metrics
Monitor your return event metrics to gain valuable insights into your returns process.
Send Cross-Channel Notifications
Provide a consistent brand experience across all channels to maximize post-purchase engagement.