ReturnGO is a Gorgias-certified partner. Gorgias is a customer service platform that helps you provide responsive and efficient customer support. ReturnGO integrates with Gorgias to help you manage customer support queries regarding product returns.

When you integrate Gorgias with ReturnGO, RMAs submitted through ReturnGO instantly generate corresponding tickets in Gorgias, saving your support team valuable time and effort.

Real-time synchronization of RMA information keeps your support team informed, while comprehensive logs of RMA creation and submission are recorded within Gorgias for easy reference.

By centralizing RMA-related information, this integration streamlines your workflow, improves communication, and empowers your support team to provide exceptional customer service.


Streamline Customer Support Workflow
Automate ticket workflows, saving time and effort for your customer support team.
Centralize RMA Information
Consolidate all RMA details in one place to easily provide accurate responses to customer inquiries.
Improve Customer Service
Provide high-quality and timely customer service that is tailored to each customer.