Connect with carriers you trust for return shipping and generating pre-paid return labels.


EasyPost is a shipping aggregator designed to handle complex logistics for online retailers. ReturnGO integrates with EasyPost to help you connect to your preferred carriers and efficiently manage your return shipping process.

By integrating EasyPost with ReturnGO, you can effortlessly connect to your preferred carriers and efficiently manage return shipments.

Stay up to date with live tracking status notifications and automatically create pre-paid return shipping labels. Through this integration, the returns shipping process is made more accurate since pre-paid return labels are created automatically, simplifying your workflow and saving you time. Additionally, you can offer printerless returns using QR codes via USPS or FedEx.

The integration also offers the convenience of auto-selecting the cheapest carrier and service level, guaranteeing cost-effective returns.


Save Time and Resources
Streamline your return shipping process and free up valuable time and resources for other tasks.
Offer Printerless Returns
Provide convenient QR code returns, eliminating the need for customers to print return shipping labels.
Increase Accuracy
Automatically generate return labels and integrate shipping data to ensure accurate and error-free returns.